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Clinical Labs. Tailored Protocols. Optimal Health

Helping You Feel Better...

After Your Doctors Don't.

You were tired of feeling like crap.

You took action.

You started another program.


You followed their cookie cutter advice. You tried keto, fasted,

ate less & moved more...and after all that effort nada!

The problem isn't "you", it's them.

Most programs, don't work most of the time, and there’s really one simple reason why:

Your metabolism is as unique as your fingerprint, which means...

Whatever you do to get healthy has to be tailored specifically to you.

All the years you spent grinding have wreaked havoc on your body. Cooking cutter coaches tell you to "stop hustling" and focus on "self-care" but they don't understand that you would if you could. You need a coach that's walked a million miles in your shoes.

You have more money than time.

So you want a solution that's tailored to you & gets results, because

you're ready to get back to operating at your peak performance!

Change takes work, but you can work smarter, not harder. I help you do the right things, in the right order at the right time so that you have the energy you need to slay your day!

It's time to hire a

health detective.

I run clinical labs to figure out the root cause of all your health symptoms. Then I use those results to tailor a personalized power plan that reverses them once & for all!

My name is Maja Miller.

I'm a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner helping busy humans get and stay healthy...

from the inside out.

“I now understand why I've been sick since 2012”

“Doctors kept saying "your labs are normal" and then prescribing pills to help with symptoms. Maja ran my baseline labs

and explained how each system impacted the other. I now understand why I've been sick since 2012.

How I've been feeling has been holding me back from living my life and she gave me a clear path to healing.


My protocol combines your lab results with my expertise to tailor a plan specifically for your this time, you get the results you want!

Introducing Next Level

Private Coaching

An 8-week private intensive

helping you, figure out the root cause of your symptoms so that you can reverse them once and for all!

What Does the Process Look Like?


seen & heard

A unique identity, medical & environmental history helps me understand your symptoms because your biography becomes your biology. It provides our first clues on where to focus your healing.


root cause

Complete clinical baseline labs that provide insight into hormones, liver function, cellular damage, food sensitivities, toxicity, gut health and more. The lab results uncover the root cause of your symptoms.


Quick fix

While waiting on lab results, you'll implement a 30 day action plan that starts to stabilize your blood sugar, reduce stress & improve sleep. Critical to kissing your symptoms goodbye. The best only takes 4 hours.


power plan

I use your lab results to create a personalized power protocol that's as unique as you. We use this plan to reverse all your symptoms once and for all. This time...failure is not an option, because you're not doing this alone.

wondering if this

program is for you?

Next Level helps busy, burned out humans that are struggling to juggle their health and other responsibilities.

If you're experiencing...


stubborn belly fat that just won't go away

Counting sheep that's preventing you from sleep

anxiety that hijacks your day

mysterious digestion issues

the never ending diet yo-yo cycle

“I am so thankful that I found your program when I did because I knew in my gut that I wasn't doing well.”

"Maja is the voice of reason in a supportive and healthy way. My first four weeks of her protocol were so much easier than I thought they were going to be. I had more energy right away, was able to finally get some sleep and am no longer waking up exhausted. Connecting the dots between how I was feeling and how I was performing was a game changer for me. "


As a client, you'll get:


The program fee is $7,000 but $2,000 goes towards a clinical lab budget. Running tests (based on collecting saliva, urine, blood, stool, hair, etc) helps me understand the root cause of your symptoms and provides the information necessary to reverse them.


accountability group

You don't have to do this alone. Get access to a community of likeminded professionals that are experiencing the same challenges that you are. You get to benefit from the expertise of the people that are further along in the process than you.


PRIVATE coaching calls

Private bi-weekly coaching calls is where it's at because you're too busy for group calls where your questions may or may not be addressed. Besides, some stuff on your healing journey feels too personal for a group setting. One to one accountability for the win!


Are you ready to stop wasting time

and start living your life?

Let’s find out!

I take on just four new clients per month, so that I can focus, go deep and help you stop spinning your wheels.

I'd love to to hear what's going on with you and make sure I'm the right clinical metabolic health coach for you. Answer a few quick questions, then we'll hop on a call so that I can make sure that I'm answering all of yours.

Diagnostic Labs + Tailored Protocols =

healing The NEXT LEVEL Way

Want to see some amazing success stories?

About Next Level:

Busy professionals struggling to get healthy experience one of three basic problems...

  • They have no idea what to do, where to start and how to get it done efficiently.

  • They know what to do, but can't seem to consistently take action.

  • They know what to do, but general wellness practices no longer work.

In all the scenarios, strategy is the missing piece.

A goal without a strategy, is like a road trip without a map. You may get to your final destination, but you'll waste precious time, energy and money. Next Level is like having it all. You get the car, map, your BFF, the tunes and all the yummy snacks!

the sizzle reel: a little snippet from many of my clients

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